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  Contribution to Creation and Development of New Social Sciences
  -Pursuing Research, Publication and Data-Collection Activities

 The Research Institute for Social Sciences (RISS) was established in 1969 to promote the collaboration of researchers specialized in various fields to contribute to the creation and development of new social sciences, and to collect the materials necessary for collaborative studies in the future.

●Researches and Features
 RISS is actively engaged in “cross-disciplinary collaborative project” transcending the borders of existing research areas. It thus plays a role in promoting the researches both within and beyond Ryukoku University, and the members of the joint studies are comprised of not only the staff of Ryukoku University but also researchers of other universities and private organizations and company employees.
 In 2009, RISS installed Attached Research Centers for the purpose of activation and advancement of its studies.

●Research Results
 The research results of RISS have been published as “Library of Rukoku University’s Research Institute for Social Sciences” in more than 87 volumes, which has played an important role in the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation. RISS also periodically issues “Annual Bulletin of Research Institute for Social Science. “The information on RISS’s activities is also available on its web sites.

●Public Relations
 Since its establishment, RISS has had approximately twelve joint study projects every year. The duration of each project is in principle three years, and annually four projects are newly added. RISS has produced a lot of concrete results in cross-disciplinary fields, and one such example was “Regional Research Focused on Kansai District” which was one of the objectives of the foundation of RISS.
 RISS’s research subjects have changed with times in line with the world situation, globalization and informatization of Japanese society, deregulation, and so on. While contributing to creation and development of the social science, RISS endeavors in giving academic stimulation to researchers and graduate and university students, pushing the said Library on the public, and advertising the existence of the RISS inside and outside Ryukoku University.


Research Institute for Social Sciences

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